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A slip and fall injury is a common type of personal injury.  These types of falls can occur in a business or in a private home. A business has a higher duty of care to the invitee and they are responsible to make sure their premises are safe.


If you fall in a home and hurt yourself, the home owner/individual can be liable and you may be able to sue and recover damages from the homeowner or individual.


The other party is only liable if their actions were a breach of their legal duty that caused your fall.  As a plaintiff, it is your burden to prove this.  You must prove as a plaintiff that more likely than not, the defendant was negligent in creating the conditions that led you to fall.


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Slip and fall injuries injuries can be more severe  than than most people realize.  Over twenty three thousand fatalities resulted from slip and fall accidents a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


They also report that of the 2.1 million nonfatal slip and fall accidents, 559,000 required hospitalizations. Many of these accidents were caused by careless property owners,  negligence at the work place or at a commercial place of commerce.


In 2012, the direct medical costs of falls, adjusted for inflation, were $30 billion.


An Indiana personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Shane O'Donnell can offer experienced guidance in handling your slip and fall case.


It is commonly held that slip and fall accidents are the fault of the victims and that compensation cannot, therefore, be obtained. This is not necessarily the case at all and at the Law Firm of Shane O'Donnell we want you to know that with the help of a caring and skilled Indiana personal injury attorney, just compensation can be sought for the victims of slip and fall accidents.


Many types of injuries can occur due to property owners being negligent in their care and maintenance of their properties. Poor lighting, stair treads that are worn or uneven, deliveries left in walkways, cracks in flooring and frayed carpets can all fall under the umbrella of premises liability in which the property owner is held accountable for their carelessness.


Hazardous conditions of many sorts within the workplace can likewise cause a slip and fall accident. The results of a slip and fall can be severe and you shouldn't have to battle insurance companies and others alone in order to receive the compensation you may vitally need. Team up with the top slip and fall lawyer in Indiana for the help that you need!


Injuries Resulting From a Slip & Fall Accident


Slip and fall accidents most frequently result in fractures or broken bones. They can, however, bring about spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, damage to internal organs and in the worst case wrongful death. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to contact a lawyer without delay.


CDC reports that twenty to thirty percent of people who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, and head traumas.  These injuries can make it hard to get around or live independently, and increase the risk of early death.


Evidence will need to be gathered and statements from witnesses will have to be taken. Looking for a lawyer for a slip and fall in Indiana  We will need to act quickly in order to develop an effective strategy to obtain the best result possible for you.


Need a lawyer for a slip and fall injury case in Indiana? Our law firm's experience in this field and resources can help us ensure that you are compensated your pain and suffering and medical bills. We can also alleviate much of the stress that you may be experiencing by handling your claim for you.


We work extremely hard to provide you with the experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated representation you deserve to achieve the best possible compensation for your personal injury case.


We pride ourselves on keeping you fully informed at every stage of your case.





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  • 5 Steps in handling your personal injury case

    The extent of your  injuries or of others is very hard to diagnose at the time of your incident.  Serious injuries  may or may not result in immediate pain or discomfort. Call 911 or emergency  services after any serious accident or injury.

  • Get immediate medical care

    #1. The extent of your  injuries or of others is very hard to diagnose at the time of your incident.  Serious injuries  may or may not result in immediate pain or discomfort. Call 911 or emergency  services after any serious accident or injury.

  • Do not make any conclusive statements

    #2.  At the time or your accident  or injury it is common try to  analyze your injuries or all the circumstances of the accident. In most cases, this should not be done during the stressful aftermath of an accident. If other parties make statements make note of  their comments. Do not sign documents or make statements to an insurance adjuster.

  • Cooperate with emergency authorities

    #3.  Cooperate with  medical care and law enforcement authorities. Provide requested motor vehicle, insurance or personal ID information.  Capture pictures (via cell phone) of important details of your accident (by an uninjured party).

  • Contact an attorney to review your injury case

    #4.  Each personal injury case has unique circumstances which can only be addressed from an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney.  Contact an attorney for a confidential consultation as soon as possible.

  • Be Patient - Follow medical care directives

    #5.  Medical injuries can take time to fully diagnose. One painful  injury can mask a completely different and more serious injury.  If you experience any medical issues after your incident contact a medical professional immediately. Keep all incident and medical records for your attorney's review.


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