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Personal Injury Attorney Shane O’Donnell, a former prosecutor, has proudly and successfully represented many St. John residents in overcoming their various injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, work site accidents, and slip and fall accidents.


Attorney O’Donnell also attended and graduated from Lake Central High School, located in St. John, Indiana.


Call the Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell today at (219) 213-2254 for a free initial consultation.


St. John is a town located in Lake County, Indiana.  The town of St. John has many homes in St. John Township and Hanover Township.  St. John was founded in 1837. The population was 15,921 at the 2011 census.  In 2009, St. John had the distinction of being ranked 48th among CNN's top 100 places to live in the United States.


St. John is represented by both the Lake Central School Corporation and the Hanover Community School Corporation.  Four of the Lake Central schools are located in St. John.  These schools include Lake Central High School, Lake Central Freshmen Center, Kolling Elementary School, and Clark Middle School.


In addition to public schools, the community is home to two private schools: Crown Point Christian School, an evangelical school, and St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, a Roman Catholic school.


Town of St. John, Indiana website- (


St. John Police Department- (219) 365-6032 (non-emergency)


St. John Fire Department- (219) 365-6034


St. John Municipal Offices- (219) 365-6465


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  • 5 Steps in handling your personal injury case

    #1.  Get immediate medical care The extent of your  injuries or of others is very hard to diagnose at the time of your incident.  Serious injuries  may or may not result in immediate pain or discomfort. Call 911 or emergency  services after any serious accident or injury.

  • Do not make any conclusive statements

    #2.  At the time or your accident  or injury it is common try to  analyze your injuries or all the circumstances of the accident. In most cases, this should not be done during the stressful aftermath of an accident. If other parties make statements make note of  their comments. Do not sign documents or make statements to an insurance adjuster.

  • Cooperate with emergency authorities

    #3.  Cooperate with  medical care and law enforcement authorities. Provide requested motor vehicle, insurance or personal ID information.  Capture pictures (via cell phone) of important details of your accident (by an uninjured party).

  • Contact an attorney to review your injury case

    #4.  Each personal injury case has unique circumstances which can only be addressed from an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney.  Contact an attorney for a confidential consultation as soon as possible.

  • Be Patient - Follow medical care directives

    #5.  Medical injuries can take time to fully diagnose. One painful  injury can mask a completely different and more serious injury.  If you experience any medical issues after your incident contact a medical professional immediately. Keep all incident and medical records for your attorney's review.

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